Gift Box Wholesale

Gift Box Wholesale

WSP: $15/ RTL: $30

Lux Box:

~Soaps: White Tea & Ginger, Black Amber & Lavender, Peach on the Beach.

~ Also included: Hand-made soap-tray, bath bomb.

Classic Box:

~Soaps: Bay Rum, English Gent, Tobacco Bay

~Also included: Hand-made soap tray, bath Bomb.

Fresh Box:

~Soaps: Spearmint Eucalyptus, Lumberjack, Lemongrass Sage, Orange Anise.

~Also included: Hand-made soap tray.

Sweet Box:

~Soaps: Champagne Bubbles, Honeysuckle Sugar, Lavender Sugar, and Sweet Peony.

~Also included: Hand-made soap tray.


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    * Unlike our retail gift boxes, these boxes are not customizable.

    *Gift Boxes will be individually wrapped in brown paper, labeled, and sealed.